There has been a lot of speculation about Ender in Exile. I have read complaints that Orson Scott Card has become sermonistic in his writings and overtime the quality of his written word had deteriorated over time.

I however, would have to disagree. Although I did note some tendencies in this book, a good example is how often 'marriage' and 'children' are brought up as the appropriate way for one to spend their life was a little aggravating, it none the less fit with the story.

Here we have Andrew Wiggin, called Ender. He born into a time where people were only allowed to have two children, and all children born are monitored to see if they will be of use to the military. However, Ender was a third. He was a third child in the family, the government found extreme potential in his brother and sister, but they needed a good mix of both of them, so they issued the Wiggins to have another child.

This caused Ender to be an outcast. Throw in his incredible intelligence and wit and it's already much worse. So Ender goes to battle school with thousands of other children just like him.

The problem is no one is 'just like' Ender, and he was picked with the sole purpose of saving the world from the Formic invasion. The best way to do this is to isolate him so that he realizes that when he needs help there will be no one to save him. However the irony in this is that although no one would save him, he still needed others to complete victory.

Including Bean. If we were to compare Bean and Ender the best way to say it is that Bean is a doer and Ender is a thinker. Bean was smarter then Ender in the sense that he could visualize everything where as Ender can analyze everyone and everything to full understand how they work. Both brilliant and together were a very deadly combination.

Back to the thought at hand, Ender was denied a childhood, he lived alone inside himself for a very long time trying to adjust to what he had done and how his life was and never would be normal. The idea of pressing the thought of marriage and children worked well for the story because it specifically is all the things Ender never got to really enjoy.

You could cater it back to the fact that Orson Scott Card is a mormon, or you could see it in the perspective of the story and characters.

I love Ender in Exile, and thought it was a wonderful book that brought me back into the story.




I have been waiting for this game for years. Literally, over one year, constitutes as years.

I'm very excited.

One day, one day they'll give it to me.

One day.




This game looks absolutely fabulous! I want to play it SO BAD!

However, I'm disappointed that I've only seen it for the Wii. Not that the Wii is bad system, I just don't care for it.

Street Fighter 4 is at Gameworks in Seattle. I saw it, it's real. Didn't play it though, might go try some night when it's not so crowded. I did drink though, that was fun, good times yo!



Did you see this shit? I LOVE YOU ATLUS!

You better believe I bought that as soon as I saw it.

Cooooome on December!



If you haven't heard of APB I suggest you check it out. Not only is the concept art delicious, but it seems like a really awesome game. I won't go into detail because I want the public to discover them.

Also, did you hear about the Rock Band 2 glitch? Pretty fucked up if you ask me, there is no way in hell I want all my data for Squids Kill Squirrels gone, I'm damn proud of my work!

In other news, let me just say that the Nintendo DSi leaves me unimpressed. When is the Nintendo DS Cellphone coming out? Because that's what it really looks like it's going to end up being. Camera, yea, that's a cool idea, or it just makes it appeal to those 14 year old girls who don't really know what video games are but are going to call themselves gamers because they have a DSCamera, I mean DSi. No GBA slot is fucked up too, part of the reason I enjoy the DS is the fact that I can play old GBA games on it. In the sense of making money though, it's good for Nintendo. They keep going further and further into the "Casual Gaming Market" which isn't bad for them, but, the rest of us who enjoy the good old school version of gaming are kind of left out in the rain.

It's something Nintendo and Sony have in common. Although, Sony is starting to come back up. Doesn't mean I'll like them any more, I'm still hurt by their lack of consideration for the poor gamer who doesn't give a fuck about a blu ray player. My PS2? Still overused console I own, however, after being informed that blazblue is PS3 exclusive...I might have to fucking get one.

I mean eventually I will need one anyway for other exclusive titles like FFXIII: Versus, and then there is always Disgaea 3.

I'm making good progress in Silent Hill: Homecoming. I have to beat it damnit! This will be the first one I've finished entirely by myself, that's not to say I haven't tried coercing people into finishing it for me. I am a scared little girl after all.



In the past few months I have purchased quite a few games, here are their titles and my views on them thus far:

Rock Band 1 & 2: I like to sing, and I like rock. So this seemed like a great idea. And so far I've enjoyed them both! It's a fun party game, assuming people take turns, otherwise people get bored really fast.

Like I said, I just like to sing :P

Dynasty Warriors 6: I'm a huuuuge hack and slash fan so I'm biased but I really like what they've done with the 6th one. The addition of ladder climbing, swimming, and various other things have made the game more fun and exciting. Although my favorite character at the time (Xing Cai) is not in it, I've started liking other characters.

Warriors Orochi 2: Fuck yes. Just like the first one but Nu Wa is hott. 'nuff said.

Silent Hill: Homecoming: Ok, so I've never been able to finish a game by myself, I scare easily, but since I know someone who worked on this game I feel it necessary to try. So far it's good, and since I scare easy I can't really be a judge of HOW scary it is, but I haven't locked myself in a closet crying my eyes out so we're good.


Today's blog is about music.

I adore music, it's not just something to listen to for me it's a reason to live. When I hear music, I feel it. I exist with it and it stirs something in me. It's as if I'm nothing but sound in it's vast ocean. Being submersed in that is just, an amazing feeling.

Everlong by Foo Fighters is my favorite song, followed closely by Shine, My Star by Origa. Both songs I just get lost in. Everything they say, every sound they make, touch me in very intimate ways.

I <3 music.


Not Interesting Enough To Read.

I am a self proclaimed nerd, I will admit.

Sometimes I wonder though, if that hurts my ability to date.

Whoa now, hear me out:

I like nerdy things, I can talk about nerdy things, and my life sort of revolves around nerdy things, i.e. video games, comic books, music, television, anime, manga, etc. This means other self proclaimed nerds like to talk to me about all sorts of things. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, however, I have dated nerds, nice nerds none the less. Let me just say, I don't want to date that type again. The problem with nerds, and I sometimes have this problem as well, is that we get completely indulged in some of our nerdy things, be it someones WoW or FFXI, be it Conventions, forums, whatever that it is.

But then, that makes the other person, very lonely, and I'm tired of being lonely.

So I've opened up the door to the idea of dating people I might not have dated for reasons unknown. For example people who intimidate me in ways I can't really explain. What it boils down to, I guess, is that I'm just looking for someone to wow me.

I'm kind of demanding and bossy, and it would be nice for one to take charge and put me in my place, (the kitchen hahahahahaha).

I dno, I just want to be saved I guess.


And now...

I applaud all of those who have played WoW for an extensive amount of time and have actually stopped. And by stopped I mean, never went back.

That aside, Eternal Poison, also known as Poison Pink in Japan, is coming out in November and I couldn't be more excited. Also, as an Atlus fangirl, you can imagine I creamed a bit when they announced those delicious packages. SE could really learn a thing or two from Atlus. Sure, Atlus is more of a distributor than a creator, but they reward people for buying their games by giving them awesome things when people preorder! I think that's awesome!

In other news, Jack Thompson has been disbarred, but I don't really think this is the end for him. I predict he will do something outrageous and will be forever imprinted in the history of the world.

I had to register to vote so I could attend a friends party. My vote better count damnit!


The PAX Post

So, this weekend was PAX. For all those who don't know, PAX is the Penny Arcade Expo. It's basically the new E3 in the sense that it's a public showcase for upcoming games.

PAX showcased all sorts of things: Fallout 3, Dead Space, Gears of War 2, MK vs DC, and my personal favorite Project Origin.

The atmosphere was pretty cool. Smelly at times though. And thus I make this announcment:

People who play video games, that doesn't mean you cannot wear deoderant. Just because you spend all your time away from humans doesn't mean you can revoke all needs for personal hygiene.

The sad thing is, that is not just a stereotype it is a fact! Degree, Secret, why aren't you milking these events? We would all THANK YOU.

Anyway, Project Origin looks amazing, the seeing the demo was pretty cool, I definately suggest everyone keep an eye out for that game.

Gears of War 2, looked pretty badass, I might have to play the first one.

MK vs DC has a lot to offer as a game, but I still don't like Midways lack of understand of the female form:

Sonya Blade=Man.

Kitana has a Penis.

Something is wrong with Catwomans legs.

Wonder Woman looks like hooker with fake breasts.



Quite a lot has happened in the past few weeks!

First off, Fox suing Warner Bros over the Watchmen movie. Fair enough that they have the rights to Watchmen, but don't cry a river beause WB made it everything you couldn't.

Bayonetta looks to be like an amazing game and I'm very excited about it, as should any other fan of Action games. Sure, at first glance the premise of a woman with deadly hair seems kind of crazy, but if you're like me, you might wet yourself after seeing the teaser:

An interesting side note, as found in EGM (Electronic Gaming Monthly) "The names of Bayonetta's guns are Parley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme. Together, they're known as Scarborough Fair. Director Hideki Kamiya is a fan of '60s folk rockers Simon & Garfunkel, who made the traditional English ballad famous."

For other movie news, Harry Potter has been pushed back to July 2009. Alan Horn, a rep from WB, issued an apology. But unfortunately, that fans are still displeased with the reasoning. Some how, "Just think! the next movie which is still being released in 2010 won't feel so far away after seeing this one in 2009!" Sure I guess? Except that instead of waiting 1.5 years for that one, I have to wait 1.7 years for THIS one.

In case you missed this gem as well, Atlus and Joystiq are having a Persona 4 contest with really simple rules, check it out here. As much as I don't want anyone to win but me, I still feel that I should alert other Persona fans of it's existance.

Oh, speaking of Atlus, it IS Poison Pink, or Eternal Poison as it will be called, will be released here. This is wonderful news, just wonderful.

And back to movie news. WB is picking up the slack for DC movies in the wake of Marvels fantastic plans for the future. With at least four superhero movies coming out from the DC franchise, one of which is the 3rd Batman movie. Read about the others here.

Random fact: I love the Little Red Riding hood story, and am excited for THIS game.

Anyway I'll update more later.


Possible Future?

If you subscribe to Atlus' emails, you should have seen the 'teaser' about a game to be released. Over at the forums there have been plenty of speculation, but most of the ideas, and clues seem to point to this gem:

I really am excited if this is the case, because the art is so splendid.

Localize this, yes please!

It has been said, and needs to be heard.

GamePolictics.com has a wonderful posting that I think the world should see.

It makes a wonderfully valid point.


New Devil Summoner

So that Atlus teaser that Kotaku was showing, has been in fact revealed to be a new Devil Summoner game.

I still haven't beaten the one with the FREAKING LONG TITLE. Only because I keep getting distracted by other games, comic books, movies, and getting drunk and being air humped in the face by men in boxers.

Yea, I won't go into detail but enjoy the possible visuals.


Games! ZOMG!

Um... Soul Caliber IV rules. At least my 20 minutes of it was a fantastic taste for lunch.

Hilde, I love you.


I've mentioned video games scarecly, kind of misleading with the whole 'gamer girl' bit. I'll go in depth later today with my opinions of good games, what I look forward to, and what I dont' really care for.

:) Stay tuned! (Eric lawlz)

Let's talk about life for awhile

It's funny, that thing called 'Life'. Always tossing things into the mix that you may either be not prepared for, or things that aren't much at all. When life is boring you want something exciting, when it gets exciting, suddenly it's too much.

My life isn't dreadfully exciting, I mean I'm gamer right? I put notices in my EnV telling me when games are released. Obviously I have time on my hands. But, I read enough comics, see enough movies, read enough stories that I'll probably always feel like I could be doing more, that there will always be something missing.

It can't really be helped, it's just a part of the journey, but if we only have one, that we know of, shouldn't we just do whatever makes us happy? And if so, why is it that oftentimes, that decision of choosing your happiness over something else, usually means someone will get hurt.

It's a tricky thing. I would give my life, in a minute, to protect my friends from anything and everything. Friends, family, anyone that's in trouble, I want to help them, even if it means sacrificing something that I have or need. That's just the kind of person I am, but, every so often I reach my limit of happiness, and I can no longer take care of anyone else, and I need a break. It's those points that I regret the most, because when I choose myself, I am no longer helping everyone else. When I choose my happiness I have to let someone go.

It makes me feel selfish, but at the same time, sometimes you HAVE to be selfish. I certainly don't have the funds, or the resources to do all the things I want to do to help the people I love, and there comes a time where I have to take care of myself. Because how do I have the right to help anyone, if I can't help myself?

That being said, why is it so hard to put your foot forward and just go. My heavy heart is an anchor holding me in place. It's really not complicated, but I put my heart with everyone I meet. Even if it's just a little while. I give everyone the benefit of the doubt, and I look forward to friendships with much hope and excitement of things to come. But then, when it crosses that boundary into relationships, that's when they throw the friendship away. The very foundation that created the relationship is now gone. "I can't be your friend anymore". I never quite understood that.

You think I'm an emotionless robot, but you don't realize how fragile and devastated I am to have to make the decisions I make. I may seem cruel to everyone looking outside in, but I will sacrifice myself in order to let you hate me, if that's what it takes for you to move on.

And so this becomes the words I'll never say. And I will stand stalwart, because you do what has to be done.

"The hardest thing in this world, is to live in it."


Oooh how I love competition...

If you are not aware there is a game coming entitled Mortal Kombat vs DC. This game was actually really awesome until they confirmed, with good reason, that the DC characters will NOT be having fatalities. I can see why, but at the same time, it would have been awesome. There are, however, some other cool features.

But that is not what this is about, however long I could go on about it. This is about the revival of Marvel vs. Capcom. Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes! As confirmed in the last 11 words on this page.

I freaking love Marvel vs. Capcom, and with this news may play some tonight! On Dreamcast of course since I don't have the $60 PS2 version.

Also, in comic book news, say goodbye to Batman.


Movie Ratings vs Game Ratings

Here is something to read. I was contemplating the same thing the other day.

If you are too lazy to click the link, it is about movie ratings, specifically The Dark Knight movie, in comparison to video games like Condemned.

Although I loved The Dark Knight, I was really disappointed to see them advertising it children via toys and what not. Mostly because this isn't your typical Batman. This isn't the same crappy Batman they see on their Saturday mornings with the Rastafarian Joker. This is a darker, harsher, more serious Gotham and Batman than what we got to see when we were growing up.

Times change I suppose.

Movies I'm looking forward too...

The Spirit- 2009, based off of a graphic novel by the infamous Will Eisner.
Scarlett Johansson /drool.

Official Website

Watchmen- 2009, based off a brilliant graphic novel by Alan Moore.
Check out the Veidt advertising contest here: http://www.youtube.com/user/watchmenmovie?ob=4

Official website

See you space cowboy...

And yet again, another good animated series is being transformed into a live action movie. If Dragon Ball is any indication of the level of quality we'll be seeing, I am not prepared for the Cowboy Bebop adaptation.

It's not that it's a bad idea, in fact, Cowboy Bebop has a wonderful story line. It's just, usually, Hollywood picks up something that has fans, and they make a movie out of it. They don't take the time to appreciate why the fans like it, and in the end, all we get is a crap movie that creates new fans that "only like the movie".

It's happened.

In some cases, they do what they can, and it turns out pretty good. I won't lie, I enjoyed the Silent Hill movie. The story was lost a little but, I appreciated the fact that the development team had to play the game, in order to really see what the game visually had to offer, and I loved the soundtrack, because I listen to all the Silent Hill soundtracks all the time.

I'm very creepy like that.

Speaking of movies, comic book movies are coming out the wazoo. In some cases this is very exciting, I personally enjoyed The Dark Knight, Iron Man, and Hellboy 2, to name a few. However, there will always be a bitter taste left in my mouth after the atrocious adaptation of X-Men to the live action screen. I'm hoping Ryan Reynolds can curve my opinion as his role of Deadpool. I'm hoping his wacky personality fits well with Deadpool's grasp of reality. The man playing Gambit isn't a bad casting call either. Speaking of X-Men! Magik returns in December for the "Inferno II" storyline. I'm interested to see where this goes since I like Colossus, not a fan of Kitty Pride though. You KNOW they'll be involved.

Wolverine and the X-Men is another animated series coming soon as well, and too be honest, I was a little skeptical at first. But after seeing this trailer, I have decided I will watch this...Oh yes:


Jack Thompson talks to Jace Hall

From Crackle: Jace Hall, Ep 8: Video Game Violence & HOT CHICKS!

I only really care about the first few minutes honestly.

Speaking of Atlus...

This was exciting news for me.

It would be nice if it was a remake of some of the previous SMT games that were never released in the US. However, I usually appreciate most Atlus games, so who knows!

I'm just going to keep my eyes on http://new-moon.jp.


As far as you're concerned, my name is Askinya.

Yes, it's a false name. Though, beginning with a lie is never the most effective way to start off a relationship, I feel it's better in the end this way.

I'll start off with informing you that yes, I am a girl, and yes, I play video games. Before you ask, no, I don't play 'casual' games, I actually like playing ALL games (except sports games, unless it's NFL Blitz for Sega)

Ya rly.

What kind of games do I like?

  • Fighting
  • RPG
  • Action/Adventure
  • Strategy/Tactical
  • Puzzle
  • Survival Horror
  • FPS
Just about everything but sports games. Because I think that if I'm going to play the sport, I'm going to play the sport, in real life.

Yes I have played MMO's but I'm going to specify, right now, that they are in no way a huge part of my life. I find them boring and repetitive and only really like the aspect of creating my own character, other than that the moment I have to plan my life around a MMO, is the moment I no longer feel like playing. I have enough chores in my life, don't need to make gaming one of them.

Being a girl, I will also blog about random things that come to mind about life and relationships.

To clarify, this blog will consist of me posting fun tidbits of information I find and or like, screaming like a fangirl over Atlus, KOEI, or other announcements, or just throwing out my opinion about things going on in the Game Industry.

So that is what this will be. You are more then welcome to enjoy this blogging process with me!

  1. Don't ask me about what I do.
  2. Don't ask me about who I am.
Nothing personal, just not interested :)