And I fail at blogging...

My computer is currently down, so updating, I admit, has been less than satisfactory.
A lot has gone on in the gaming world though!

Spike's Video Game Awards came and went without being generally noticed, as usual, I'm sorry but I cannot support something that lists "Rock Band" and "Guitar Hero" as having the 'Best Soundtracks'. When I think gaming soundtrack I think of the men and women who dedicated their time to creating unique and individual songs for their games. Blood, sweat, tears, time away from their families and loved ones in order to create something made FOR the game. Guitar Hero, and Rock Band, as fun as those games are, are only unique in gameplay (arguable) but the music is known and was not initially created for the game. (I am aware that the songs have to be adjusted and coded specifically in order to be used for the game, but I hope that you know what I mean.)

That aside check out THIS wonderful conversation about Left 4 Dead.