Whatever happened to researching something before you talk about it? Ignorance is not bliss in the media. In college I gave a speech about Video Games being responsible for Violence. Although I firmly believe this is not the case, I read and reported from all angles of the situation. If their were findings supporting the theory I included them, because although I didn't believe it, some people did, therefore, to give a fair account of the situation I looked at it from all angles.

So what brought this up was the recent bill that passed in Utah. In particular a lot of what was said was grossly uneducated and what's worse is that it passed upon what is now very apparent, uneducated people.

I appreciate this blogs attempt to straighten out Gayle Ruzicka, but anyone who is allied with Mr. Jack Thompson can not be made to understand. I only pray that people begin to fully understand that which they try to oppress.


Are you prepared?

Are Violent Video Games Adequately Preparing Children For The Apocalypse?

I have to agree.
Thanks to The Onion for this viewpoint.


Power Instincts Return!



Oh and one more thing...

Dear people who bitch about exclusive DLC for big titles:

You bore me. Seriously though, you bought your systems, and are often told before expansions come out that they will be exclusive to one system. I want Disgaea 3 and was upset that it was a PS3 only game, however, do I yell at the publisher? Do I damn NIS for releasing it for PS3 and not any other system? No! I figure one of these days I'll get to play it either by buying a PS3, or it will probably be released on PS2.

Fallout 3 having exclusive DLC for 360 has been beneficial to me I will admit. But if PS3 got it, would I play Fallout 3 any less? Probably not. I mean hell, I've played my PS2 for years with games that came out on both systems and never bitched about not having DLC, why? Because the game is fine on its own I didn't need DLC, and I didn't buy the game for that DLC.

I also understand the technical requirements for creating things on all systems and I gotta say, there is a difference.

There is all the CONTRACTS involved with BUYING exclusive content so really, let it go! I say if you knew about it and chose a different route you only have your self to blame.

If you have a problem with exclusive than offer more money.

It sucks but bitching won't change contracts, so stop bitching, it's old, it's whiney and it's done.

Pen 15

Recently there has been a bunch of huffguff over the full frontal male nudity in GTA IV's DLC "Lost and the Damned". Now personally I don't care if their is nudity in a video game as long as it has the appropriate age rating, but seriously, I would rather see boobies or the angry vag (minus bush) before penis.

In fact, I don't understand why women complain at all? Video game characters that are female generally have such unrealistic bodies, that I don't consider it offensive, I consider it art. And most of the time it's fun to make fun of. It seems to me that the people who complain have no reason to. Is it their body being distributed? Is it their childrens or their friends? If they don't play video games and never do, why is it an issue?

And when a game is rated "M" for "Mature" should your children be seeing it anyway?

I've said this before but their gonna see boobs, probably way before you want them too.

Porn + Internet = Free Porn!

So what if you have naked women in games. So what if their are 'hentai' games. You're not playing them, and if you have the lines of communication open with your kids you'll know whether or not they do.

Brings me to the Rapelay game. It would have been more entertaining if people questioned how the upset about the game became so explosive in the media. Who discovered the game was banned on Amazon first? My money goes on the people so upset that it 'exists'. And seriously, Americans cannot be held responsible for a japanese made game.

But this America after all, and we pride ourselves on making big deals out of everything that isn't important.


QA: The underrated tool.

Maybe I am biased, since I am in QA for video games. But dev's you should really listen to them. We find the shit that breaks your games, and we let you know if it will pass or not. And oftentimes you fight back, maybe it's something that's too hard to do, or maybe it's something you just dont' want to fix. We're doing our jobs though, so don't treat us like idiots.

We log YOUR errors.

just saying.


Today the Bikini's come off!

Not really, but Onechanbara comes out today. Gotta say, for a Queen of Hack and Slash as I am, I am excited to play it, and X blades too. And seriously, overly hott girls fighting zombies? How could it not be fun?

F.E.A.R. 2 comes out today as well, and I suggest you pick up a copy.