Not my country!

(A response to the following article: http://kotaku.com/5376158/christian-science-monitor-wrings-hands-over-modern-warfare-2s-dc)

I always find it interesting how offended people get with images of destruction. Nothing fascinates humanity more than destruction. Argue that with me all you want, you're focused on it one way or the other.

The problem I have with the reaction to Modern Warfare 2 is the fact that, media our entire life has gone about depicting destruction everywhere. Artists do it all the time, movies do it all the time (Day After Tomorrow/2012 anyone?) and why is it so wrong for video games to do it as well? Because it's interactive? Are you playing the game Christian Science Monitor? No? Well then shut it.

Would they be complaining if this were Russia? London? Mexico? No. Is it because those countries weren't targets for terrorist attacks on September 11th? Get over yourself. 9/11 happened, it was awful, I understand people are still affected by it, however, if you can't bring yourself to get past it you will always relive it. Why should the rest of us suffer because some people can't accept that it HAS happened and you cannot change. There is no reason America should have special treatment in the 'do not represent our country as destroyed'. Because really, what makes us so special? Why are we allowed to show any other country as any kind of demolished, but when it comes to us it's so in appropriate.

I want to make clear that I in no way disregard 9/11. It was a tragedy. It WAS tragic. The effect it left is STILL tragic because everyone wants to remind everyone all the time of how tragic it was. But you know what? How can we grow if we can't let go. Media like this just adds to the 'pity us because someone attacked us' bit.

When you fall down, you get right back up, you don't lay there complaining about how it's so unfair you fell down.