As far as you're concerned, my name is Askinya.

Yes, it's a false name. Though, beginning with a lie is never the most effective way to start off a relationship, I feel it's better in the end this way.

I'll start off with informing you that yes, I am a girl, and yes, I play video games. Before you ask, no, I don't play 'casual' games, I actually like playing ALL games (except sports games, unless it's NFL Blitz for Sega)

Ya rly.

What kind of games do I like?

  • Fighting
  • RPG
  • Action/Adventure
  • Strategy/Tactical
  • Puzzle
  • Survival Horror
  • FPS
Just about everything but sports games. Because I think that if I'm going to play the sport, I'm going to play the sport, in real life.

Yes I have played MMO's but I'm going to specify, right now, that they are in no way a huge part of my life. I find them boring and repetitive and only really like the aspect of creating my own character, other than that the moment I have to plan my life around a MMO, is the moment I no longer feel like playing. I have enough chores in my life, don't need to make gaming one of them.

Being a girl, I will also blog about random things that come to mind about life and relationships.

To clarify, this blog will consist of me posting fun tidbits of information I find and or like, screaming like a fangirl over Atlus, KOEI, or other announcements, or just throwing out my opinion about things going on in the Game Industry.

So that is what this will be. You are more then welcome to enjoy this blogging process with me!

  1. Don't ask me about what I do.
  2. Don't ask me about who I am.
Nothing personal, just not interested :)

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