The Integrity of a Porn Star

This article seems to have offended a lot of people, men and women alike. Some people are offended by the fact that it's generic "How to Get a Girl" stuff and some people are upset that it's written by a Porn Star. Raven Alexis is getting around as a Porn Star that games. At first her presence was accepted, "Oh awesome she loves games AND sex!" her being around was another affirmation for some that gamer women can indeed be attractive.

But now that she submitted this article, the clouds have darken and people who once praised her presence, now scoff on what she is: A Porn Star.

Several commenters in fact outed the fact that her dating advice is somehow null and void because she's a porn star. I fail to see the logistics of that. Porn is her job, I'm happy for her that she's doing something that she likes. A lot of people can't say that they do that. Because I test games as a career does that mean I shouldn't have an opinion on video games?

Just because she gets paid to have sex has no bearing on her ability to give advice, in fact most of the advice she gives is sound, for example:

"5) There is one more option that I've left until last. This is only for the true risk takers—the champions of their own destiny. Are you sitting down? Because here it is: You actually go over and tell her what's on your mind. Tell her that you noticed her and that you think she's intriguing, or interesting, or just plain hot. Let her know that you want to chat with her, or just play with her (notice my pun). Yes, guys, this strategy actually works. Letting a girl know that you're interested, and the fact that you had the balls to actually say it, will make you highly exciting and sexy to her. Please note that the difference between this and a pickup line is honesty. Once you've opened the airways of communication, maybe then you can make her giggle with the Tauren line."

This is sage advice. Most women I know don't like to beat around the bush, would rather the person come right out and be honest.

When I read that I don't care that she's a porn star, I don't care that she kind of followed some stereotypical man reactions to women gaming, she has a right to an opinion about anything as anyone, what her profession is doesn't matter.

The Gamers of the world are becoming far too elite. I myself have fallen into this, we have placed ourselves on some sort of pedestal that because we play games and games have become so popular that we must validate our existence by proving we're more a gamer than anyone else because we are 'normal' or because 'we were there before it was cool'.

The genre is growing, people who were afraid to say that they played games are now stepping outside and feeling more comfortable as the world becomes more tolerant. And how have begun greeting these newfound 'gamers'? By telling them that they're posers, that they don't know anything and by judging them simply on the basis that they aren't in the 'now'.

Go ahead Raven Alexis, you keep playing games, you keep writing articles and you keep doing porn. It is your choice and you should never let people's close minded views stop you from doing that.