See you space cowboy...

And yet again, another good animated series is being transformed into a live action movie. If Dragon Ball is any indication of the level of quality we'll be seeing, I am not prepared for the Cowboy Bebop adaptation.

It's not that it's a bad idea, in fact, Cowboy Bebop has a wonderful story line. It's just, usually, Hollywood picks up something that has fans, and they make a movie out of it. They don't take the time to appreciate why the fans like it, and in the end, all we get is a crap movie that creates new fans that "only like the movie".

It's happened.

In some cases, they do what they can, and it turns out pretty good. I won't lie, I enjoyed the Silent Hill movie. The story was lost a little but, I appreciated the fact that the development team had to play the game, in order to really see what the game visually had to offer, and I loved the soundtrack, because I listen to all the Silent Hill soundtracks all the time.

I'm very creepy like that.

Speaking of movies, comic book movies are coming out the wazoo. In some cases this is very exciting, I personally enjoyed The Dark Knight, Iron Man, and Hellboy 2, to name a few. However, there will always be a bitter taste left in my mouth after the atrocious adaptation of X-Men to the live action screen. I'm hoping Ryan Reynolds can curve my opinion as his role of Deadpool. I'm hoping his wacky personality fits well with Deadpool's grasp of reality. The man playing Gambit isn't a bad casting call either. Speaking of X-Men! Magik returns in December for the "Inferno II" storyline. I'm interested to see where this goes since I like Colossus, not a fan of Kitty Pride though. You KNOW they'll be involved.

Wolverine and the X-Men is another animated series coming soon as well, and too be honest, I was a little skeptical at first. But after seeing this trailer, I have decided I will watch this...Oh yes:

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