The PAX Post

So, this weekend was PAX. For all those who don't know, PAX is the Penny Arcade Expo. It's basically the new E3 in the sense that it's a public showcase for upcoming games.

PAX showcased all sorts of things: Fallout 3, Dead Space, Gears of War 2, MK vs DC, and my personal favorite Project Origin.

The atmosphere was pretty cool. Smelly at times though. And thus I make this announcment:

People who play video games, that doesn't mean you cannot wear deoderant. Just because you spend all your time away from humans doesn't mean you can revoke all needs for personal hygiene.

The sad thing is, that is not just a stereotype it is a fact! Degree, Secret, why aren't you milking these events? We would all THANK YOU.

Anyway, Project Origin looks amazing, the seeing the demo was pretty cool, I definately suggest everyone keep an eye out for that game.

Gears of War 2, looked pretty badass, I might have to play the first one.

MK vs DC has a lot to offer as a game, but I still don't like Midways lack of understand of the female form:

Sonya Blade=Man.

Kitana has a Penis.

Something is wrong with Catwomans legs.

Wonder Woman looks like hooker with fake breasts.



Quite a lot has happened in the past few weeks!

First off, Fox suing Warner Bros over the Watchmen movie. Fair enough that they have the rights to Watchmen, but don't cry a river beause WB made it everything you couldn't.

Bayonetta looks to be like an amazing game and I'm very excited about it, as should any other fan of Action games. Sure, at first glance the premise of a woman with deadly hair seems kind of crazy, but if you're like me, you might wet yourself after seeing the teaser:

An interesting side note, as found in EGM (Electronic Gaming Monthly) "The names of Bayonetta's guns are Parley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme. Together, they're known as Scarborough Fair. Director Hideki Kamiya is a fan of '60s folk rockers Simon & Garfunkel, who made the traditional English ballad famous."

For other movie news, Harry Potter has been pushed back to July 2009. Alan Horn, a rep from WB, issued an apology. But unfortunately, that fans are still displeased with the reasoning. Some how, "Just think! the next movie which is still being released in 2010 won't feel so far away after seeing this one in 2009!" Sure I guess? Except that instead of waiting 1.5 years for that one, I have to wait 1.7 years for THIS one.

In case you missed this gem as well, Atlus and Joystiq are having a Persona 4 contest with really simple rules, check it out here. As much as I don't want anyone to win but me, I still feel that I should alert other Persona fans of it's existance.

Oh, speaking of Atlus, it IS Poison Pink, or Eternal Poison as it will be called, will be released here. This is wonderful news, just wonderful.

And back to movie news. WB is picking up the slack for DC movies in the wake of Marvels fantastic plans for the future. With at least four superhero movies coming out from the DC franchise, one of which is the 3rd Batman movie. Read about the others here.

Random fact: I love the Little Red Riding hood story, and am excited for THIS game.

Anyway I'll update more later.


Possible Future?

If you subscribe to Atlus' emails, you should have seen the 'teaser' about a game to be released. Over at the forums there have been plenty of speculation, but most of the ideas, and clues seem to point to this gem:

I really am excited if this is the case, because the art is so splendid.

Localize this, yes please!

It has been said, and needs to be heard.

GamePolictics.com has a wonderful posting that I think the world should see.

It makes a wonderfully valid point.