I don't have a dick.

So why would i want to play as one every time there is an open world game?

See I love open world games, but I hate the fact that 90% of open world games have male leads. I'm not sexist, I don't mind playing guys in games, but for the love of God I believe I have the right to have an option.

This isn't a guy only demographic, in fact it never really was. The majority has died down and it's a pretty even playing field so why? Why do I have to have bad hair and wear a leather jacket with jeans in every fucking game?

Some people argue, "Well it's the story line." Fuck your story line, most of those games have crappy, underdeveloped stories anyway.

Another rant while I'm at it, stop making MMO's. Just stop. Why don't you focus more on Open World Co-Op games eh? That would be fantastic! I know my boyfriend and I would be all over that.

And Final Fantasy 14? I'm not excited so don't even ask. I know I played FFXI for a good 6 years, but everything I see about FFXIV looks exactly like fucking XI. New jobs, blah blah blah.
Two Words: SAME RACES. And all they did was rename them. Really? Really?

/sigh. Bad Form Square Enix, bad form.