I have been waiting for this game for years. Literally, over one year, constitutes as years.

I'm very excited.

One day, one day they'll give it to me.

One day.




This game looks absolutely fabulous! I want to play it SO BAD!

However, I'm disappointed that I've only seen it for the Wii. Not that the Wii is bad system, I just don't care for it.

Street Fighter 4 is at Gameworks in Seattle. I saw it, it's real. Didn't play it though, might go try some night when it's not so crowded. I did drink though, that was fun, good times yo!



Did you see this shit? I LOVE YOU ATLUS!

You better believe I bought that as soon as I saw it.

Cooooome on December!



If you haven't heard of APB I suggest you check it out. Not only is the concept art delicious, but it seems like a really awesome game. I won't go into detail because I want the public to discover them.

Also, did you hear about the Rock Band 2 glitch? Pretty fucked up if you ask me, there is no way in hell I want all my data for Squids Kill Squirrels gone, I'm damn proud of my work!

In other news, let me just say that the Nintendo DSi leaves me unimpressed. When is the Nintendo DS Cellphone coming out? Because that's what it really looks like it's going to end up being. Camera, yea, that's a cool idea, or it just makes it appeal to those 14 year old girls who don't really know what video games are but are going to call themselves gamers because they have a DSCamera, I mean DSi. No GBA slot is fucked up too, part of the reason I enjoy the DS is the fact that I can play old GBA games on it. In the sense of making money though, it's good for Nintendo. They keep going further and further into the "Casual Gaming Market" which isn't bad for them, but, the rest of us who enjoy the good old school version of gaming are kind of left out in the rain.

It's something Nintendo and Sony have in common. Although, Sony is starting to come back up. Doesn't mean I'll like them any more, I'm still hurt by their lack of consideration for the poor gamer who doesn't give a fuck about a blu ray player. My PS2? Still overused console I own, however, after being informed that blazblue is PS3 exclusive...I might have to fucking get one.

I mean eventually I will need one anyway for other exclusive titles like FFXIII: Versus, and then there is always Disgaea 3.

I'm making good progress in Silent Hill: Homecoming. I have to beat it damnit! This will be the first one I've finished entirely by myself, that's not to say I haven't tried coercing people into finishing it for me. I am a scared little girl after all.



In the past few months I have purchased quite a few games, here are their titles and my views on them thus far:

Rock Band 1 & 2: I like to sing, and I like rock. So this seemed like a great idea. And so far I've enjoyed them both! It's a fun party game, assuming people take turns, otherwise people get bored really fast.

Like I said, I just like to sing :P

Dynasty Warriors 6: I'm a huuuuge hack and slash fan so I'm biased but I really like what they've done with the 6th one. The addition of ladder climbing, swimming, and various other things have made the game more fun and exciting. Although my favorite character at the time (Xing Cai) is not in it, I've started liking other characters.

Warriors Orochi 2: Fuck yes. Just like the first one but Nu Wa is hott. 'nuff said.

Silent Hill: Homecoming: Ok, so I've never been able to finish a game by myself, I scare easily, but since I know someone who worked on this game I feel it necessary to try. So far it's good, and since I scare easy I can't really be a judge of HOW scary it is, but I haven't locked myself in a closet crying my eyes out so we're good.