And now...

I applaud all of those who have played WoW for an extensive amount of time and have actually stopped. And by stopped I mean, never went back.

That aside, Eternal Poison, also known as Poison Pink in Japan, is coming out in November and I couldn't be more excited. Also, as an Atlus fangirl, you can imagine I creamed a bit when they announced those delicious packages. SE could really learn a thing or two from Atlus. Sure, Atlus is more of a distributor than a creator, but they reward people for buying their games by giving them awesome things when people preorder! I think that's awesome!

In other news, Jack Thompson has been disbarred, but I don't really think this is the end for him. I predict he will do something outrageous and will be forever imprinted in the history of the world.

I had to register to vote so I could attend a friends party. My vote better count damnit!


Cuba Is Death said...

I might start WoW again =(

Askinya said...

oi, really?

I say that from the perspective of, "You left it, you really think the game is going to be any better this time around?"

I know people who can't quit that game although they should.

It reminds me of abused spouses who just can't seem to leave their violent partners.

Cuba Is Death said...

people become dependent on things, sadly WoW is one of them lol