Movie Ratings vs Game Ratings

Here is something to read. I was contemplating the same thing the other day.

If you are too lazy to click the link, it is about movie ratings, specifically The Dark Knight movie, in comparison to video games like Condemned.

Although I loved The Dark Knight, I was really disappointed to see them advertising it children via toys and what not. Mostly because this isn't your typical Batman. This isn't the same crappy Batman they see on their Saturday mornings with the Rastafarian Joker. This is a darker, harsher, more serious Gotham and Batman than what we got to see when we were growing up.

Times change I suppose.


Cuba Is Death said...

Yeah I think thats pretty true, I mean, I even cringed at some parts of that movie. I can even relate to the guy in the article cuz I had no clue it was only PG-13 either. oh well, the rating systems are always BS.

Askinya said...

Yea, I think it's hard to really rate something these days, because so many things could be "offensive".

Cuba Is Death said...

Well, anything and everything can be offensive. You can pick up the comics section of the paper, and I'm sure someone will be slightly offended. I don't think causing an offense is something that companies like that worry about, I think they create rating systems like that so when national tragedies (i.e. Columbine or Virginia Tech) happen the companies themselves can't be held accountable because there are obvious descriptors and labels on the said product, whether its a movie or a game.