In the past few months I have purchased quite a few games, here are their titles and my views on them thus far:

Rock Band 1 & 2: I like to sing, and I like rock. So this seemed like a great idea. And so far I've enjoyed them both! It's a fun party game, assuming people take turns, otherwise people get bored really fast.

Like I said, I just like to sing :P

Dynasty Warriors 6: I'm a huuuuge hack and slash fan so I'm biased but I really like what they've done with the 6th one. The addition of ladder climbing, swimming, and various other things have made the game more fun and exciting. Although my favorite character at the time (Xing Cai) is not in it, I've started liking other characters.

Warriors Orochi 2: Fuck yes. Just like the first one but Nu Wa is hott. 'nuff said.

Silent Hill: Homecoming: Ok, so I've never been able to finish a game by myself, I scare easily, but since I know someone who worked on this game I feel it necessary to try. So far it's good, and since I scare easy I can't really be a judge of HOW scary it is, but I haven't locked myself in a closet crying my eyes out so we're good.

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Cuba Is Death said...

I heard Silent Hill wasn't as good as the others. That kind of depresses me because I'm a big fan of the series, but oh well. you can't expect an all new team to take a game just as good as all the rest.
on a side note, I heard Warriors Orochi 2 is rape