Pen 15

Recently there has been a bunch of huffguff over the full frontal male nudity in GTA IV's DLC "Lost and the Damned". Now personally I don't care if their is nudity in a video game as long as it has the appropriate age rating, but seriously, I would rather see boobies or the angry vag (minus bush) before penis.

In fact, I don't understand why women complain at all? Video game characters that are female generally have such unrealistic bodies, that I don't consider it offensive, I consider it art. And most of the time it's fun to make fun of. It seems to me that the people who complain have no reason to. Is it their body being distributed? Is it their childrens or their friends? If they don't play video games and never do, why is it an issue?

And when a game is rated "M" for "Mature" should your children be seeing it anyway?

I've said this before but their gonna see boobs, probably way before you want them too.

Porn + Internet = Free Porn!

So what if you have naked women in games. So what if their are 'hentai' games. You're not playing them, and if you have the lines of communication open with your kids you'll know whether or not they do.

Brings me to the Rapelay game. It would have been more entertaining if people questioned how the upset about the game became so explosive in the media. Who discovered the game was banned on Amazon first? My money goes on the people so upset that it 'exists'. And seriously, Americans cannot be held responsible for a japanese made game.

But this America after all, and we pride ourselves on making big deals out of everything that isn't important.

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