Oh and one more thing...

Dear people who bitch about exclusive DLC for big titles:

You bore me. Seriously though, you bought your systems, and are often told before expansions come out that they will be exclusive to one system. I want Disgaea 3 and was upset that it was a PS3 only game, however, do I yell at the publisher? Do I damn NIS for releasing it for PS3 and not any other system? No! I figure one of these days I'll get to play it either by buying a PS3, or it will probably be released on PS2.

Fallout 3 having exclusive DLC for 360 has been beneficial to me I will admit. But if PS3 got it, would I play Fallout 3 any less? Probably not. I mean hell, I've played my PS2 for years with games that came out on both systems and never bitched about not having DLC, why? Because the game is fine on its own I didn't need DLC, and I didn't buy the game for that DLC.

I also understand the technical requirements for creating things on all systems and I gotta say, there is a difference.

There is all the CONTRACTS involved with BUYING exclusive content so really, let it go! I say if you knew about it and chose a different route you only have your self to blame.

If you have a problem with exclusive than offer more money.

It sucks but bitching won't change contracts, so stop bitching, it's old, it's whiney and it's done.

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