Whatever happened to researching something before you talk about it? Ignorance is not bliss in the media. In college I gave a speech about Video Games being responsible for Violence. Although I firmly believe this is not the case, I read and reported from all angles of the situation. If their were findings supporting the theory I included them, because although I didn't believe it, some people did, therefore, to give a fair account of the situation I looked at it from all angles.

So what brought this up was the recent bill that passed in Utah. In particular a lot of what was said was grossly uneducated and what's worse is that it passed upon what is now very apparent, uneducated people.

I appreciate this blogs attempt to straighten out Gayle Ruzicka, but anyone who is allied with Mr. Jack Thompson can not be made to understand. I only pray that people begin to fully understand that which they try to oppress.


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