Dynasty Warriors 7 Review

You have no idea how long I waited for this game. Dynasty Warriors 6 was pretty and had some innovative ideas, but Dynasty Warriors 7 was successful in executing those changes.

People often complain about this series because, "it's always the same." I have to disagree with that sentiment. It may constantly be the same universe and story line, but the same can be said about every Madden, every Call of Duty, every Halo, every Assassin's Creed, and every other franchise.

Let's go over some of the changes in Dynasty Warriors 7:

1. Character Design - I like the designs, Huang Gai's hot pants = yes please! Sure there are some I don't like, (Zhao Yun for instance) and some sort of don't make sense (Bao Sanniang), I enjoy the majority.

2. New Characters - I loved Bao Sanniang, I don't care what anyone says. Cai Wenji I wish I could get more of a history for, The Jin Dyansty in general was fascinating and fun to learn about, and many others of the additions I liked after I played them.

3. Story Setup - A lot of people didn't like the idea of not controlling a character throughout the story modes, I actually enjoyed  this aspect. It forced me to play as characters I never would have before.

4.Conquest Mode - I'm half and half with this, I loved the concept, but as soon as I beat conquest mode I felt kind of uninspired to do more. I conquered everything at that point. I would be fine to keep it if there was some sort of randomized fight option, so there was still some exiting element when you've played it all.

I will continue to support Dynasty Warriors as I love the characters and the music, and the gameplay. My only complaints were, when you were done, you were done, any additional play time felt somewhat uninspired. And I hated some of the voices because they didn't seem to fit the character design or what I wanted them to sound like in my head.
Game needs more Steve Blum <3

Now all I need a new Warriors Orochi and Samurai Warriors IN THE US!! Stope releasing these in Asia only, it sucks for the rest of us that DO love you D:

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