Play Magazine

I suggest everyone pick up the latest Play Magazine as it has a great article/editorial on how to treat the QA in the gaming industry.

Other than that, Blazblue shall be arriving soon and I couldn't be happier! But for the mean time I will be downloading Atlus' Droplitz on my 360, playing some Halo 2, and possibly Fallout 3 and/or Sacred 2.

I have a lot to catch up on.

Also, while I'm here, I'm ecstatic about Marvel vs Capcom 2 coming to XBLA, but I am not excited about it lacking everything that made the PS2 and Dreamcast versions fun, and that was the time it took to unlock all the extra characters and the art.

Anyway, more later.


Cuba Is Death said...

I'm getting blazblue on 360, lets play :3 also, I like that I don't have to unlock everything in marvel again, it took soooooo long before lol. I'm just mad that the XBLA version is a port of the dreamcast instead of the arcade >______>

Askinya said...

I like the journey of unlocking, it's like a mini game to me. It's the opportunity that feels like the price is justified.

For example say Capcom made the Versus mode thing unlockable instead of purchased. I would have rather had to do something ridiculous to get it then pay more money.

Cuba Is Death said...

I've already had to do it twice, I don't really feel like playing ALL over again. You can't even unlock the good characters for hella long, so you're forced to play with all the bad ones, which happen to be 95% of the cast =(